[Moin-user] try to installing moinmoin2 on win 7

Roger Haase crosseyedpenguin at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 7 10:30:36 EDT 2016

If you are executing "python wikiconfig.py", that is wrong.
Do "m run".
Downloading and Installing — MoinMoin 2.0.0a0 documentation

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Downloading and Installing — MoinMoin 2.0.0a0 documentation
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    On Thursday, April 7, 2016 6:51 AM, Renato Pontefice <renato.pontefice at gmail.com> wrote:

 I think I've installed babel (also Pip, virtualenv) but I still receive this error:_____________________C:\Users\renatop\moin\moin-2.0>wikiconfig.pyTraceback (most recent call last):  File "C:\Users\renatop\moin\moin-2.0\wikiconfig.py", line 36, in <module>    from MoinMoin.config.default import DefaultConfig, _default_password_checker
  File "C:\Users\renatop\moin\moin-2.0\MoinMoin\config\default.py", line 19, in<module>    from MoinMoin.i18n import _, L_, N_  File "C:\Users\renatop\moin\moin-2.0\MoinMoin\i18n\__init__.py", line 20, in <module>    from flask import current_app, request, _request_ctx_stackImportError: No module named flask________________________________
What's the prob now?

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