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Thu Jun 16 07:37:48 EDT 2016

did not make it into the 1.3.5 release.

The following fix seems to work for me on 1.3.4 using Windows/XP with

Find the following 4 lines of code at line 918 of in version
1.3.4 (line 912 of 1.3.5) and comment them out, and then add the single
corresponding line from Moin 1.2.4.

        #~ if request.form.has_key('highlight'):
            #~ self.hilite_re = request.form['highlight'][0]
        #~ else:
            #~ self.hilite_re = None
        self.hilite_re = keywords.get('hilite_re', None)

Consider the above lightly tested -- it seems to work for me.  I do not
understand the reason for the revised code (nor the "low" priority
assigned to this bug).

Roger Haase

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