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Thu Jun 16 07:37:48 EDT 2016

users are no longer considered "Trusted".  A couple of questions:

  * is there a way to know for sure whether users are trusted or not?
    e.g. is there a debug log file somewhere that I'm missing?  or an
    option to increase logging?

  * I've been haphazardly adding my own "logging" by writing to stderr
    and seeing what lands in data/error.log ... it's quite frustrating,
    though, because I'm never quite sure if the lack of output by
    a particular print statement is because that line of code isn't hit,
    or because stderr doesn't happen to be redirected to data/error.log
    when it is hit.  Some stderr output seems to go to
    /var/log/httpd/error_log, but it all seems rather random and
    unpredictable.  What is the *right* way to add debug logging
    statements to Moin to try to figure out what it's doing?

  * our correctly (?) does

    from MoinMoin import auth
        auth = [auth.http]

    but I'm having a hard time understanding exactly when auth.http() is
    called.  Since we use the CGI interface only (performance is
    acceptable, so we haven't bothered with anything fancier), I would
    expect it to be called for every single request.  But adding a
    "print >>sys.stderr, ..." statement in auth.http() does not backup
    that assumption.  So ... am I right? is auth.http() supposed to be
    called on every hit?

Thanks --


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