[Moin-user] port number prob?

Paul Boddie paul at boddie.org.uk
Wed Jun 1 06:13:58 EDT 2016

On Wednesday 1. June 2016 11.05.59 Renato Pontefice wrote:
> Hi Paul,
> yes, your idea seem to be correct.
> I've just ask to google cloud help, how can I add a firewall rule to route
> (but is not a routing) the call fot the external addr ( to
>, so the server can answer.

I can't help you there because I don't use the Google cloud. But 
and are likely to be addresses exposed by different interfaces. You 
really need to serve Moin on because it is accessible by the 
external interface.

Maybe you could route traffic between the interfaces, but that isn't how most 
people would solve this. Indeed, it's possible that the internal loopback 
interface (responsible for isn't even participating in the general 
routing rules. (At least that's what I see when I run "/sbin/route -n".)

> The answer was on my attempt to connect from inside the VM (by lynx) to
> addr This already said that the server work and answer...
> Remains the fact that I've not understand how to change the port where the
> server werkzung listen

Didn't the --host option work?


P.S. I don't even use Moin 2, so I just have the documentation to work with, 
and I honestly can't really justify the time to dig into that documentation or 
the code any deeper.

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