[Moin-user] Wiki server ignoring ACLs *followup*

Paul Boddie paul at boddie.org.uk
Fri Mar 11 16:09:38 EST 2016

On Friday 11. March 2016 21.36.47 Chris Freemesser wrote:
> On 3/11/16 3:15 PM, Paul Boddie wrote:
> > I'm not sure if I considered this properly before, but I'm somewhat
> > convinced that this is what happens now: even acl_rights_before will
> > short-circuit the decision-making process.
> The way I see it, "acl_rights_before" are the settings you never want
> anybody to be able to change, "acl_rights_default" are the settings you
> normally want applied, and #acl gets added when you need to make a page
> "abnormal".  It all makes sense and works great...when it works.  ;)

Yes, this is a good explanation of what I think should be happening. Maybe we 
both even agree with what the documentation says and what the code does. ;-)

> I was able to get a second server set up with a bone stock install of
> TurnKey Linux MoinMoin (greatest distro ever...took 15 minutes for it to
> be up and running).  Using the default wiki instance, everything works as
> it should, so there has to be something about the way my wiki instances
> got migrated over that created this acl issue.  Next step will be to try
> migrating an instance over to this test server to see what happens. 
> That'll be early next week though.

It's a bit baffling, really. Maybe creating a separate test instance on your 
server with the basic elements of the desired configuration might help.

> Thanks again for all the help, and have a good weekend!

No problem! Given that people are still using MoinMoin, and despite the lack 
of core developer presence on this and other channels, I'm inclined to start 
looking at doing Moin-related things again just to keep it viable. It would be 
a shame if people stopped using it because they felt it wasn't getting much 
developer attention any more.


P.S. I guess Thomas and others are busy developing Moin 2 on Bitbucket (as 
well as other things), and perhaps they're on some IRC channel that isn't 
logged in a place I know about, but I have to say that I am a bit worried 
about the relative silence from the core developers.

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