[Moin-user] MoinMoin Development Activity

anton antonxx at gmx.de
Wed Mar 23 16:50:18 EDT 2016


I just looked at moinmoin since a longer time period.

The last bitbucket comit is about 9 months ago,
so for me it looks thats its silently dead ...
as your question has not got an answer since one month...

Its sad.


Paul Boddie wrote:

> Hello,
> I guess this isn't the most effective place to ask this question, but I
> suppose it reaches an audience who might also be wondering the same thing.
> What is the current situation around MoinMoin development, with respect to
> Moin 1.9 (which is noted as being the current production version) as well
> as with Moin 2.0 (which still seems to be in a rather fluid state)?
> I was indeed trying to follow what has been going on with Moin 2.0,
> finding that the repository hadn't been updated for months, until I
> discovered that only the Bitbucket-hosted repository seems to be updated
> these days. I have had some vague intentions to port some extensions to
> Moin 2.0, but it appears that there are lots of packages I have to get
> from the Python Package Index (or whatever it is called these days), and
> my perception is that porting those extensions hasn't become any easier
> since I last looked. What is the current situation there?
> As for Moin 1.9, I have quite a few patches that never made it upstream,
> and I've just spent a couple of hours looking at them again. Some of them
> can be found here:
> https://moinmo.in/PaulBoddie
> (Things like
> https://moinmo.in/FeatureRequests/EnhancedDiffsForRecentChanges are so
> useful that it just annoys me now when I visit a Moin site and have to
> look at individual diffs from a sequence of edits, or have to play with
> controls in the "info" page, when I can instead view the before-after diff
> from a RecentChanges link with that patch.)
> Is there any interest in such patches or any other development for Moin
> 1.9. A while ago, I wondered if a Moin 1.10 would be helpful, but my
> impression was that this would be counterproductive and undermine Moin
> 2.0. So what should we be doing about this?
> With the current fashion of people migrating their own hosted applications
> to dubious cloud providers with their own awful wiki implementations, I
> think that more could be done to demonstrate that Moin is both viable and
> preferable. Things like antispam protection could be usefully enhanced:
> this is probably one of the biggest problems (and most credible arguments
> to migrate away from Moin) that a bit of effort could meaningfully
> address.
> What are other people's thoughts on such matters?
> Paul
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