[Moin-user] Moin-user Digest, Vol 110, Issue 5

Paul Boddie paul at boddie.org.uk
Sun May 29 12:52:43 EDT 2016

On Sunday 29. May 2016 18.27.11 Renato Pontefice wrote:
> Hi Paul, that seem to be a good idea...:-)

You're referring to this, I imagine...

> > Because the server is listening on in the virtual machine,
> > but you are trying to access the server via another address? Maybe
> > you need to tell the server to listen on that address as well as on
> > localhost.

> Where do I can change that?
>  Is this a prob of wiki or a prob about the web server?

I haven't looked at Moin 2.0 properly, but I guess there's a setting somewhere 
for the server address. It looks like specifying the --host option will help 
when running the command to start the server:


Something like this might work:

moin moin --config /path/to/wikiconfig.py --host --port 8080


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