[Moin-user] port number prob?

Paul Boddie paul at boddie.org.uk
Tue May 31 11:33:48 EDT 2016

On Tuesday 31. May 2016 16.07.04 Renato Pontefice wrote:
> Hi,
> I think that my prob could be about port number:
> If I try to access my moin2 wiki from an external browser, I do not receive
> answer from the server.

Did you not start the server as I suggested with the host being something 
else, like You cannot rely on working instead: both 
addresses may be configured to refer to the same (virtual) machine, but they 
do not mean the same thing. And does not magically map to when traffic arrives at (and enters) the virtual machine.

Starting something that listens on means that it will only respond 
to things using that address, and of course that address is not reachable from 
outside. You have to use an externally-accessible address or you won't solve 
this problem.

You can quite probably test an externally-accessible address inside the 
virtual machine just to make sure that your problem isn't one related to 
routing. So, I advise specifying as the host when starting moin 
and then using lynx (or whatever) inside the virtual machine with that address 
(and whichever port you have chosen) in the URL. Then, if this succeeds, you 
can try again from outside the virtual machine.

> I've tried - from inside the VM - the following command, that, I think,
> explain the following:
> - the VM, answer to a ping with the external addr
> - does not answer neither at port 8081 nor port 8080.
> Could it be a prob of web server?

Ping doesn't take arguments like this (because it operates at a different 
level than one dealing with ports)...

> ping
> ping: unknown host

You might try something like "telnet 8081" and see if it 
connects. But again, your server needs to listen on that external address for 
the service to be reachable.


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