[moin-user] Table creation in gui mode adds quot

Thomas Hain thomas.hain at gmail.com
Tue Apr 11 11:49:40 EDT 2017


I might have done something wrong in configuration - but when I produce a table via
the GUI (Mac OS Sierra, Firefox 52.0.2 ) I get 

||<tablewidth="100%"> || ||
|| || ||

(shown in text mode before saving) which looks fine. If I then save and reopen it has made 
this instead:  

||<tablewidth="&quot" tablestyle="100%&quot"> || ||
|| || ||

which does not do the job. Worse, after each saving it adds more quot ! 

How I can turn this off please ?

Any help is greatly appreciated. 


PS. using MoinMoin 1.9.9 downloaded this week.

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