[moin-user] Problems with Installation on Cent OS 7 - "No permission on this server" error

Asis Hallab asis.hallab at gmail.com
Tue Apr 11 19:22:20 EDT 2017

Dear MoinMoin-Experts,

I'm a newby to administration, coming from being a software developer
always having lived with the convenience of having expert administrators at
hand. Not any more, unfortunately.

For my new employer I have to install a MoinMoin-Wiki on Cent OS 7.

I followed this guide to the last dot:

Attached you find a zip of my Apache and MoinMoin config.

Unfortunately I always receive the following error, when trying to access
the Wiki:

You don't have permission to access /Reconstruct-Wiki on this server.

The path "/Reconstruct-Wiki" is obtained from the MoinMoin config file
sitename parameter. I also tried "/Reconstruct-Project" which is the value
of page_front_page parameter.

Hopefully any of you has a quick idea what I am missing.
Most likely it is quite simple, I imagine.

Thank you very much and have a cheerful easter holiday!
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