[moin-user] How to rename pages and subpages?

Molecki, Christian (STL) Christian.Molecki at stala.bwl.de
Tue Aug 1 02:50:28 EDT 2017

Hello Volker

every page has its full path as directory name in your instance pages directory.
So if you rename foo -> foo1 you technically rename the directory from foo -> foo1
If you want to rename one page and also the subpages in one step, the pages must be stored also hierarchical on the filesystem.

The easiest way is to rename the folders on the filesystem.
/path/to/foo -> /path/to/foo1
/path/to/foo-bar -> /path/to/foo1-bar
/path/to/foo-baz -> /path/to/foo1-baz

Hope this was helpful.

Best Regards

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Let's look at this: I have some page named "foo" and subpages "foo/bar" and 
"foo/baz". Now, how to rename "foo" to "foo1", such that the path component 
"foo" in the subpages changes as well? I want them to be "foo1/bar" and "foo1/
baz", but they stay at "foo/bar" and "foo/baz".


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