[moin-user] Opening attached PDF documents from the browser

Volker Wysk post at volker-wysk.de
Thu Aug 3 14:19:13 EDT 2017


I have some PDF documents stored as attachments of MoinMoin pages. I can 
download them and open them.

However, it would be more convenient if the MM server could just hand the file 
over to the browser. The browser would typically know what to do with it, and 
hand it over to a PDF viewer. 

For this to work, the server would have to serve the attachment with an URL 
that made the it visible to the browser. Something like "http://example.com/

This applies to other types of documents as well. You could even store some 
manual, which consists of many pages, as a MM attachment. If you have relative 
links within, the URL of a linked page would be a correct URL again.


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