[moin-user] Punctuation in titles

PETER BLEACKLEY pete.bleackley at btinternet.com
Thu Aug 10 15:24:09 EDT 2017

I've renamed directories as to try to match the example you gave, but there are still three that aren't linking correctly. Their names are currently


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On Thursday 10. August 2017 17.32.41 you wrote:
> I used a bash script that, for each file $NAME in sahriswiki's repository,
> created a directory in data/pages/$NAME, with a subdirectory
> data/pages/$NAME/revisions, copied the file to
> data/pages/$NAME/revisions/00000001, and then created
> data/pages/$NAME/current, containing the string 00000001.

OK. That will work to a reasonable extent, but as you've discovered, some 
filenames needing encoding will need to be changed for Moin to be happy with 

I have no experience with this "SahrisWiki", so I don't have any insights 
about better ways of doing this, but you could do one of the following 

The "Proper" But Harder Approach

Extract each page's content from the original repository, convert it as 
appropriate, store it in a directory dedicated to the purpose of migration 
using an arbitrary filename (maybe the page name as it is). You'll have 
something like this:


Then, define a MOIN_PACKAGE manifest suitable for the page package installer 
which lists each page and corresponding filename. Then you'll also have this:


Inside it you'll have something like this:


As far as I remember, you don't need to encode the page names in the third 
column nor the page filenames in the second column. Moin will take care of all 

See here for details:


Finally, zip up the directory and run the package installer on it.

The Easier But Less Thorough Approach

Alternatively, just make a script that renames your page directories to be 
what Moin expects. You'll need to loop over the directories in the pages 
directory, convert them using the quoteWikinameFS function if they are still 
the original page names, and then issue a rename/move operation on each one 
requiring adjustment.

This approach is arguably a lot easier if you're comfortable with filesystem-
related scripting, which I guess you are, but you will need to do things like 
run any indexing manually afterwards. But maybe you're not at the point where 
you've enabled indexing, anyway.


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