[moin-user] Table creation in gui mode adds quot

Mark Martinec Mark.Martinec+moin at ijs.si
Tue Jun 6 16:17:46 EDT 2017

Thomas Hain wrote on 2017-04-11:

> I might have done something wrong in configuration - but when I produce 
> a table via
> the GUI (Mac OS Sierra, Firefox 52.0.2 ) I get
> ||<tablewidth="100%"> || ||
> || || ||
> (shown in text mode before saving) which looks fine. If I then save and 
> reopen it has made
> this instead:
> ||<tablewidth="&quot" tablestyle="100%&quot"> || ||
> || || ||
> which does not do the job. Worse, after each saving it adds more quot !
> How I can turn this off please ?
> Any help is greatly appreciated.
> Best
> Thomas
> PS. using MoinMoin 1.9.9 downloaded this week.

This bug affected us too. After upgrading from 1.9.8 to 1.9.9 a couple
of days ago, out website was gradually degenerating as users were
editing or touching pages. FCKeditor was not involved in our case.

These pesky " and & were slowly creeping in
into our tables with style controls, resulting in HTML like:

   <td style="&quot; border-color:#DDDDDD; border-width:0px;
     border-bottom-width:0px; text-align:left;
     color:#5F9EA0&quot; background-color: &quot;#&quot">

These HTML entities at inappropriate places can also be seen
in page caches, i.e. in cache/text_html files.

After running diff between the two version and not seeing any obvious
changes in MoinMoin code that could produce this, the blame shifted
to upgraded libraries bundled with Moin. My first idea was to blame
pygments upgrade from 1.6 -> 2.1.3, but it turned out the problem
originated from upgraded werkzeug library (0.8.3 -> 0.11.11),
or possibly from inappropriate use of it by Moin.

Replacing werkzeug library with the same library that came bundled
with Moin 1.9.8, and ditching all cached HTML files, the problem
with over-quoting went away.


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