[moin-user] archive of moin 1.5.8-1 site

Roger Haase crosseyedpenguin at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 14 10:37:20 EDT 2017

I use export dump regularly, but on Windows and with the current release of moin.
If the command you are using was copied correctly, then you should try the script directory, not server:

should be:

Also, some of my pages are ACL protected, so in addition to the parameters you are using, I add:
    --username MyName 

    On Tuesday, October 10, 2017 5:57 PM, Zarko Dudic <zarko.dudic at oracle.com> wrote:

 Hi there, there is moin 1.5.8-1 wiki and I'd like to export it to a 
static site, I've been trying something like

# /usr/share/moin/server/moin.py --config-dir=/srv/www-data/moin/calpg \
 > --wiki-url=wiki.domain.com/calpg \
 > export dump \
 > --target-dir=/tmp/calpg

After pressing enter, the output I see is:

Serving on localhost:8000
Running as uid/gid 33/33

... and nothing else is happening, no files created in target-dir. And 
after cancelling the comment the output is:

"Thanks for using MoinMoin!"

Appreciate any help how to make this work. Or any other idea how to 
"archive" this legacy site.


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