[moin-user] archive of moin 1.5.8-1 site

Zarko Dudic zarko.dudic at oracle.com
Wed Oct 18 16:53:55 EDT 2017

Thanks Roger and Paul for the feedback, I've managed to get good 
progress with command like

python /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/MoinMoin/script/moin.py  \
--config-dir=/srv/www-data/moin/calpg \
--wiki-url=/srv/www-data/html/wiki.domain.com/ \
export dump  \
--target-dir=/archive/moin-dump/calpg-dump --show-timing

This completes with no errors, but seems that users' MoinEditorBackup 
pages are not exported.  Any suggestion for this? Btw, this is on 
EL/OL5, if that matters.



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