[moin-user] ListPages macro doesn't work

Volker Wysk post at volker-wysk.de
Mon Sep 4 03:22:01 EDT 2017

Am Montag, 4. September 2017, 01:59:47 CEST schrieb Lars Kruse:
> continuing to guess based on python's documentation (here: the "locale"
> module[1]):
>   .sort(key=locale.strxfrm)
> Taking a closer look at locale: probably you need to call
> "locale.resetlocale()" before, in order to switch to the locale defined via
> the environment variables.

Okay, tried it. Now I get:

<<PageList(Ihre Suchanfrage "Artikel/.*" ist ungültig. Siehe HilfeZumSuchen 
für weitere Informationen.)>> 

("your search query "Artikel/.*" is invalid. See HelpOnSearch for more 

This doesn't seem to make much sense. :-( My macro invocation is this:
<<ListPages(search_term="Artikel/.*", list_type="bullet_list", link="subpage", 

> > > I gues, this is not the "proper" way, since it uses the locale of the
> > > server and not the one of the client. But it probably helps in a
> > > single-locale environment.
> > 
> > This makes me wonder, how modified characters like "ä" or "á", which do
> > not
> > necessarily belong to the same locale, are treated by locale.strcoll...
> Personally I would either trust python's locale implementation or conduct
> some experiments :)

I mean, could one locale be fitting for a different one too, as far as sorting 
is concerned?


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