[moin-user] ||<tableclass="…"> processing broken in Moin 1.9.9

rog7993 at web.de rog7993 at web.de
Thu Feb 8 13:12:23 EST 2018

Hello Paul,

Am 08.02.2018 um 16:20 schrieb Paul Boddie:
> On Thursday 8. February 2018 15.34.37 rog7993 at web.de wrote:
>> I've just upgraded to MoinMoin 1.9.9 and stumbled upon this bug. What is
>> the recommend workaround at the moment? Replacing werkzeug 0.11.11
>> against version 0.8.3, which was delivered with MoinMoin 1.9.8. I've
>> tried this and it seems to work. But I'm not sure, whether this have
>> unwanted side effects.
>> Are there better solutions?
> I did provide a patch to the moin-devel mailing list that seems to fix the
> regression. That might be a better alternative.
> https://mail.python.org/pipermail/moin-devel/2017-December/001887.html

Thank you. The patch seems to work for me.

The patch is shown somewhat crippled on the mailing list web archive. I 
wondered about this:

-        expected = r'<tablewidth="80">'
+        expected = r'<tablewidth="80">'

After looking in the file I understood the meaning. Probably the first 
line should look like this:

-        expected = r'<tablewidth="80">'

I assume, your original post on the mailing list was correct.


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