[moin-user] Where to add analytics embed code for tracking page views on every page of our wiki?

Paul Boddie paul at boddie.org.uk
Mon Feb 26 17:31:33 EST 2018

On Monday 26. February 2018 21.48.45 Dawn Messerly wrote:
> If we wanted to add analytics tracking for page views on every page of our
> wiki, what would be the best place to add that embed code so that it will
> not be blown away by a moinmoin update?

It depends who is doing the updating. I guess you're referring to the normal 
migration script as opposed to any software distribution package update (which 
might do its own helpful stuff).

> We had embed code in the footer prior to our update from 1.9.8 to 1.9.9,
> but the update appears to have blown it away and we don’t want to risk
> that happening again for a future update.

Note that recent discussion found other issues with 1.9.9 (that table 
formatting problem), making me rather suspicious that we will find other 
interesting problems at some point. It surprises me that the migration script 
would touch what is effectively a configuration setting, though.

> FWIW we are using Piwik for analytics.

I'm pretty sure that in a similar situation, the HTML footer region was used 
to deploy Piwik's JavaScript successfully. Interestingly, a related discussion 
was then had about deploying analytics tools where legislation requires 
notices and opt-outs, so be sure to follow the recommended practices, as I'm 
sure you are already doing. :-)


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