[moin-user] one step ahead: can I use repository to store file?

Renato Pontefice renato.pontefice at gmail.com
Tue Mar 12 08:04:16 EDT 2019

I made one step ahead (I think) in my project of build a platform to use
for writing the doc.
I would act in this way:
- install moinmoin (1.9.x  it's good enought)
use all the feature that this software offer
write documentation in Restructuredtext
export all the doc
- import it on Read the Docs platorm
- export doc in every format readthedoc offer.

And this is good for me.
I've just a question:
readthedoc want the documentation on a repository.

Can I use it by default?
I mean without save in local the entire tree and upload the file on a


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