[moin-user] When MoinMoin 2 wick be released?

Paul Boddie paul at boddie.org.uk
Sun Jan 24 14:29:50 EST 2021

On Sunday, 24 January 2021 20:12:04 CET Robert Hawkins wrote:
> Related but a bigger question, and I apologize in advance for my ignorance
> because my questions may show it.

There's no need to apologise: I think that some of the answers to your 
questions are perhaps only obvious to those who are familiar with the 
development of this project. And for wider Python matters, as someone who kept 
up with Python core development and all the strategic deliberations for many 
years, I just cannot find the motivation to keep up with it all any more.

> I used moin many years ago and recently decided to create a wiki for a
> personal project so naturally reached for moin (no code repository or issue
> tracking required so trac is overkill).
> I noticed that moin is dependent on python2 which I recently discovered
> reached its end of life last year (like I said it's been a while)

Yes, Python 2 is officially unsupported by the core developers, although 
certain distributions (like Red Hat Enterprise Linux and various derivatives) 
will support it for a few more years. Interestingly, Debian uses Moin 
publicly, but I haven't looked into their approach to supporting Moin in their 
packaging system, which I guess would be of interest to them.

> Yesterday, it was announced that PIP no longer supports python2. Looking at
> the roadmap on moinmo.in it seems that moin2 (which appears to be a
> precursor to python3) support isn't complete. I am guessing therefore
> python3 is not on the radar or is the roadmap simply not updated and moin2
> will be python3?

Support for Python 2 in pip is probably no longer there, given the constant 
nagging that the tool has been doing for quite some time (which is purely 
annoying given that anyone using pip with Python 2 these days is likely to be 
fully aware that Python 2 has been cast aside and will not need the scary 
message broadcast at them constantly). So, unfortunately, Python 2 is looking 
less viable as a deployment platform for any version of Moin, even if there 
are people still willing to use Python 2 (as I do for various projects).

My understanding was that Moin 2 would be using Python 3, but you would have 
to get someone more interested in developing Moin 2 to say what the actual 
situation is. My recollection is that Moin 2 required a lot of third-party 
modules that were most conveniently installed using pip (and whichever virtual 
environment system that happens to be favoured at any given moment: 
virtualenv, venv, and so on).

> And do you have an ETA? or should I simply be looking to use something
> else? (ruby? django?)  Either way is fine, but I'd prefer to go Moin
> if possible (sorry, I just like it)

I like Moin, too, although deploying it becomes less attractive due to the 
maintenance burden: handling registration and spam attempts, dealing with 
software breakage, and so on.


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