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I am a 3rd year IITD CS student. I have few questions.
is it also for winters (i.e, december)?
what is the duration of work per day?
what is the stipend?



On Thu, Nov 10, 2011 at 2:53 AM, Vivek Puri <vpuri.social at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> Mimir Technologies, Pvt. Ltd., India (http://www.mimirtech.com  ) has
> several positions open immediately for developers, QA and UX people
> in Delhi/NCR.
> o Job description
>  * Our main focus currently is software services and product
> engineering for several
>  companies based mostly on Django, Drupal and Apache Solr.
>  * The major part of your time will go into working on one or more of
>  these projects. You will also be expected to work with us, and our
>  clients, in continually improving the value delivered by these
>  projects.
> o Skills
>  * Required:
>  - At least one of the following languages: Python, PHP, Java
>  - Capability to quickly pick up and use new technology,
>    e..g, rapidly evaluating and integrating modules in the
>    context of Drupal/Wordpress, or Django applications for
>  - Unit and integration testing and continuous integration ( for QA )
>  * Preferred
>  - Experience with at least one of Django, Drupal, Wordpress,
>    HTML/CSS, Apache Solr, or in building, and operating
>    large-scale sites.
>  - Experience with HTML5 and Android/iOS development
>  - Using distributed version control systems
>  - The ability to set up Apache, and deploy websites
>  - Understanding of Agile Methodologies
>  We are looking for people who are are willing to look beyond
>  sheer technical interests in order to solve real-life problems
>  for our clients. Our expectation is not that you are already
>  well-versed in the areas that we work in, but that you are
>  willing to pick up new things, and able to do so.
> If interested, please emailcontact at mimirtech.com  with your
> resume and preferred role. You can also address any questions to
> that address. If you are a fresher and interested in one of the
> above mentioned areas you can also apply to intern with MimirTech
> Regards,
> Vivek
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