[PyDelhi] Details from Hiring/Pitching session from 12th Jan PyDelhi Anniversary meetup 2019

aaqa ishtyaq aaqaishtyaq at gmail.com
Tue Jan 15 03:21:32 EST 2019

Hello folks,

Following are the details of people who pitched during Hiring/Pitching
session on 12th January 2018 meetup at Microsoft Gurugram.

Looking for Job


1. Shweta looking for Go Lang Dev and Python Dev
   Email : sumanshweta44 at gmail.com

2. Raju Devidas
   Looking for roles similar to : System Admin, DevOps, Release
Engineer, Build   Engineer, System Reliability Engineer
   Email: rajudev at disroot.org
   Resume: https://rajudev.github.io/cv.html

Want to Hire:


1. Priyank
   Software Engineer

2. Ayush Kesarwani
   Email: ayush.kesarwani at mastercard.com

3. Ashok Kumar
   VoerEir AB (voereir.com)
   Email: ashok at voereir.com / safiyat at voereir.com
   Hiring for: Python Dev (2+), ReactJS, DevOps

4. Wealthscore
   Python(Django), Reactjs
   email: vardhan at wealthscore.me

5. React-COTD

  Looking for contributors

  ReactJS, GraphQL, Firebase

  Email: vipulgupta2048 at gmail.com

6. Anshit Agarwal
   Looking for freelancers who can deliver data driven projects on
python frameworks.
   Email: admin at optimisticsolutions.in

Aaqa Ishtyaq
Volunteer (PyDelhi)
Website <https://aaqai.me/> | Github <https://github.com/aaqaishtyaq> |
Linkedin <https://linkedin.com/in/aaqaishtyaq> | Twitter
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