[Neuroimaging] Change sform and save

Markus Gramer Markus.Gramer at kuleuven.be
Mon Aug 3 14:19:15 CEST 2015

Hi there,

I am new to nibabel (and also python) so maybe I am making an obvious mistake, but I could not find anything in the manual that would help me…

I am trying to update the sform in a Nifty1 image and save it with:

def update_sform(file_in, file_out, affine_out):

img = nib.load(file_in)

img_hdr = img.header



However, I realised that due to the comparison between current header and affine:

np.allclose(self._affine, hdr.get_best_affine()) [spatialimages.py, line 426]

The sform in the header is reset to the affine when I am saving the image. Is there a way to directly set the affine? Or any other method that I can use to achieve this?

Thanks in advance,

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