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vanessa sochat vsochat at stanford.edu
Mon Aug 17 06:46:05 CEST 2015

I'm not completely convinced that an interactive sidebar-thing is really
that useful, but it does work nicely on mobile. And for the structure of
the actual pages for each package, something simple with smaller font and a
clean sidebar with a link tree would be easiest to navigate, akin to
sphinx. We possibly will try all these packages only to converge onto the
simplest form and functionality (something like sphinx?) That would be
terribly funny and pathetic at the same time, but at least we can be
confident about robustly investigating options! I'm interested to hear what
others think, of course on Monday. I'll keep thinking about this.

On Sun, Aug 16, 2015 at 3:18 PM, vanessa sochat <vsochat at stanford.edu>

> Hi Everyone,
> Here is an update to the site. I've ported it into jekyll
> <https://github.com/vsoch/nipy-jekyll>, and tested the template on iphone
> and computer (seems reasonable). I've also gotten it to render the
> artifacts on circle.ci <https://circleci.com/gh/vsoch/nipy-jekyll/32>, so
> we could preview PRs (Click "artifact" and then find home.html
> <https://circle-artifacts.com/gh/vsoch/nipy-jekyll/32/artifacts/0/home/ubuntu/nipy-jekyll/_site/home.html>).
> However, I've run into a bug with regard to absolute vs. relative paths -
> when you click the demo link above, the "posts" not being at the base url
> means they will not be linked or render correctly (for example, here is a
> link
> <https://circle-artifacts.com/gh/vsoch/nipy-jekyll/32/artifacts/0/home/ubuntu/nipy-jekyll/_site/code-syntax/index.html>
> to a post on circle, and you won't see styling because the css/js links are
> broken)
> The site works perfectly given that we aren't serving it at a relative
> path, eg:
> jekyll serve --baseurl="/"
> And the challenge is finding a solution that will render locally, on
> github pages, and circle.ci, and what we need, I think, is some kind of
> liquid syntax that will detect when we are in a subfolder and render
> appropriately. I've been messing around with it for 7 hours today and can't
> figure it out, and I need to ask for help. Could someone else take a look?
> Likely someone with more experience than me with Jekyll could figure this
> out in a heartbeat (Ariel?) The plan right now, I'd like to propose, would
> be to figure out this bug, get it onto a (test) github pages, tweak the
> details of the content, make proper documentation, and then release to
> official github pages.
> Best,
> Vanessa
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> Vanessa Villamia Sochat
> Stanford University
> (603) 321-0676

Vanessa Villamia Sochat
Stanford University
(603) 321-0676
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