[Neuroimaging] 3d registration for data fusion in material science

GORET Gael 246279 Gael.GORET at cea.fr
Fri Aug 21 09:57:59 CEST 2015

Hi all,

Thanks for your quick replies,
This project is just starting, and there is not too much materials …
However, to answer your questions, I just have created a public repo on my github account :


-          In /doc, I have placed a summary (a pdf slideshow) of the project containing some pictures (and info on instruments)

-          In /examples I have put two data volumes (npy binary file format) the kind of data I need to register.

-          In /mudra a first (naive) try using the Fourier shell correlation as metric

And you can also find

-          a Cython wrapping of malik and perona’s algorithms implementation working (pretty quickly) on 3D Volumes :

o   /mudra/extensions/non_linear_filtering.pyx

-          In /scripts you will find mainly converters simplifying I/O

-          In /tools 3 very nice visualization tools based on VTK (not mayavi) working as standalone (npy input) :

o   elevation.py -> 2d image to 3d landscape

o   plan_interpolator.py -> 2d slicing of volume + isosurface rendering for given seeds

o   scalar_field.py -> volume rendering (color and opacity gradient)

Thanks in advance for your advices



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Hi Gael,

Sounds exciting. There is no restriction to use our tools in other libraries or domains.
Look at these tutorials please (you need dipy development version)


Do you have a github repo of your project? Do you have any example pictures/volumes to show us that you would
like to register?


On Thu, Aug 20, 2015 at 9:31 AM, GORET Gael 246279 <Gael.GORET at cea.fr<mailto:Gael.GORET at cea.fr>> wrote:
Hi everybody,
I am a (French) newcomer, working on the development of the data fusion of Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer (ToF-SIMS) and X ray Nano-Tomography (XuM) data at the CEA (the French state institute for energy, high-tech, etc.).
In terms of samples, we’re a bit far from the neuro-fields … Solid oxide fuel cell, 3D chips, Si/Li matrix, etc., but in terms of methodology I hope we have to share … my project is to combine a chemical information (from ToF-SIMS) with X-ray absorption (given by XuM) for a given volume (at nano-scale).  I am tackling a python module aiming to the registration of 3d datasets. it seems that nipy includes a such possibility (an a lot more …).
I’m a computer guy, mostly Pythonist and I wander if you would let  me transpose your code (mainly the registration part) to my problematic, I would be very grateful for this.
In this context would you have some advice for me ?
I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

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