[Neuroimaging] Nibabel API change - always read as float

Satrajit Ghosh satra at mit.edu
Wed Jul 22 16:53:17 CEST 2015

hi matthew,

I'm not sure what you mean by 'did not interpret this' unless you are
> agreeing with me that the niftiio library gives no clues as what the
> intention for the in-memory type was.  If anything I think that
> supports my reading that the authors had not considered the
> interpretation of "scl_slope != 0 -> in-memory float".

i simply meant they left any interpretation of how to scale or change of
in-memory data type to the end developer.

I can surely attach the raw scalefactors to the array proxy (dataobj),

that would be great

> but I think it's a terrible idea to use the scl_slope == 0 as an
> indication for in-memory type, because it's not a convention that (as
> far as I know) anyone else uses,

all the examples of the code bases i provided in fact leave the in-memory
type to be the same as the native dtype for scalefactors (0, X) and (1, 0).
i agree, that this is an implementation of the standard as interpreted by
those developers, similar to present nibabel. i do agree that nifti authors
had nothing to say about such an interpretation.


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