[Neuroimaging] Nipy.org new website needs a complete remake

Bob Dougherty bobd at stanford.edu
Tue Jul 28 18:55:26 CEST 2015

I have to agree with Ariel on this. I think that any additional barrier 
(no matter how small) will deter contributors. Like Ariel, I'm not a web 
designer. For my limited forays into web design I use docpad, because 
when I'm in web-design mode I like to think in javascript, so a js-based 
tool seemed to make sense. I don't have any desire to learn (no matter 
how trivial) yet another tool. If all I want to do is contribute 
content, I just want to edit some markdown and be done with it. Ariel 
has laid out some very good reasons to use jekyll. I haven't seen any 
similarly compelling reasons not to use it. Is there any practical 
advantage to the alternatives?

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