[Neuroimaging] Nipy.org new website needs a complete remake

Matthew Brett matthew.brett at gmail.com
Tue Jul 28 19:39:08 CEST 2015

On Tue, Jul 28, 2015 at 6:36 PM, vanessa sochat <vsochat at stanford.edu> wrote:
> Hi Bob,
> I think we are moving toward a solution that will make it very easy to
> contribute content. Regardless of if we use jekyll, flask, or something
> else, right now contributing a new package just means adding a row to a tab
> separated file, and adding a new blog entry means adding a new file to a
> folder (with very minimal formatting). I think regardless of the solution
> that we will choose, we are optimizing with this goal in mind, so you should
> not worry.

I agree, it seems reasonable to get something up and then review how
easy it is to work with, how good it looks, and so on.



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