[Neuroimaging] help with dconn.nii file

David Dalmazzo davmazo at gmail.com
Thu Nov 5 08:39:00 EST 2015

Not sure if this is the place for this question. I'm trying to read a big
file (33GB) called HCP_S500_R468_MIGPd4500ROW.dconn.nii downloaded from HCP.
I'm trying to extract the info of the correlation matrix using niBabel but
after many hours (two days) trying, I'm still lost in the method. I don't
make it by using the examples related to nifty-2 in the nibble
I'm developing a software of brain activity visualization and the app
started with Hagmann connectome data that is actually quite old, a
colleague told me to use HCP connectome to update our models, that's why
I'm now stocked trying to have a more complete connectome.

Thanks for the help
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