[Neuroimaging] [Nipype] changing the license of Nipype from BSD to Apache 2

Satrajit Ghosh satra at mit.edu
Sun Nov 15 13:39:54 EST 2015

hi all,

i had a question last week about Nipype's license (an area i don't
understand well) and i was told that the BSD license can be restrictive in
a software patenting sense. here is one post i found that describes the
differences, and the legal differences have to do with software patents,
something that didn't exist when the original BSD/MIT style licenses were


i would like to ask this community for guidance on the issue or pointers to
people who can provide guidance.

if there doesn't seem to be any major roadblocks and apache 2 offers some
advantages over BSD, i'm inclined to adopt it. the change seems quite
straightforward, but before we embrace it, i would like to get a better


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