[Neuroimaging] [DIPY] Comparing DIPY tensor fitting and other tools

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> FDT and DTIK give me identical maps (except slight difference when these two apply the mask. I see some voxels having FA>1 on FDT result). DIPY gives a map very similar FA map compared to the other two FA maps I have.  Shouldn't I get an exactly same map (within rounding error maybe).

You did not say how the data was weighted, so my guess is that you used the defaults, which are different.  FDT (or at least dtifit, which I am more familiar with) for historical consistency defaults to no weighting when it fits the tensor to ln(S/So), which is not optimal since ln(S/So) is heteroscedastic.  dtifit's -w option uses a heuristic to weight the data to account for that.  IIRC, dipy determines the weights iteratively, which is theoretically better but in practice usually close to the heuristic.


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