[Neuroimaging] scivatar? Re: Journal articles based on PRs

Yaroslav Halchenko lists at onerussian.com
Thu Apr 21 11:21:59 EDT 2016

On Thu, 21 Apr 2016, Chris Filo Gorgolewski wrote:

>      BTW -- have you looked into some Zenodo API to be able to modify the
>      record automagically?A  then may be for each release the order of
>      authors
>      could be generated automagically e.g. by sorting according to some
>      metric since previous release (as bad as # of commits and/or lines
>      of code touched), followed by the rest of the authors in the order as in
>      the previous release.A  A So the order would then be quite dynamic...
>      may
>      be the last X contributors (seniors) could be selected from those based
>      on overall (not just between releases) value of the metric, also
>      joggling/looping through the releases.

>      not an ideal, but imho viable way... what do you think?

>    Yup - this exactly what we are planning to do. 


>  IT did require some manual
>    curation (we have over 100 contributors) to figure out real names,
>    affiliations and ORCID for everyone.

I guess it might/should be somehow "integrated" with .mailmap  you
already carry.   I guess, ideally, there should be some helper
project/script (may be you have started already smth, don't see
mentioning of orcid in nipype git repo) which would take some
definition like

   'name': 'Full Name',
   'email': 'email at example.com',
   'git_ids': [
      'bla <bu at bleh>',
   'orcid': 'XXXX',
   'senior': True,
   'homepage': 'http:///',
   'twitter': '...',
   'gravatar': 'email',

1. senior -- probably to still maintain some dedication for senior
   authors to rotate at the end ;)
2. social media pointers etc might come handy if such a list later used
   to generate a sphinx page for the project's webpage.

and then it to be used for adjusting/generating zenodo entry and
updating/generataing .mailmap  file for the repository.

FURTHER IDEA: Moreover, may be it is worth maintaining such a DB
shared among multiple projects! ;)  and/or providing a service later
which given a list of git_ids would provide relevant selection and/or
end file (e.g.  .mailmap, sphinx page, ...).

Should we initiate such a beast if you haven't done so yet? ;)

Perspective names:

- scidevs  -- problematic since taken already https://github.com/scidevs
- scivatar 
- scimune  (scientific commune)

? (meanwhile reserved gh organizations for the last two ;) )

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