[Neuroimaging] Example code for NiBabel

Simon Rushton RushtonSK at cardiff.ac.uk
Thu Apr 21 12:36:14 EDT 2016

Hi All

I'm new to doing analysis of fmri data using Python and NiBabel.  Could someone point me to some very simple code to get me started.  I'm thinking of a program just a few lines long that loads a 4D NIfTI file, thresholds each of the individual 3D volumes, and then saves the result out as a new 4D NIfTI file.  Some simple code like that would get me past all things like accessing data via memory pointers etc so I can start learning rather than just scratching my head!  And yes, I know that most of this is in the NiBabel documentation but I'm obviously not putting the snippets together correctly as my code doesn't work...


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