[Neuroimaging] [Neuroimaing][DIPY] Preparations for OHBM 2016 - workshop, hackathon, stand and releasing

Eleftherios Garyfallidis garyfallidis at gmail.com
Thu Apr 28 12:10:54 EDT 2016

Dear DIPY developers,

We need to start planning for our workshop, hackathon and exhibition stand
for OHBM 2016 in Geneva.

First I need a list of all DIPY developers/contributors who will attend
OHBM and they are eager to help in any possible way.
So far I know that Francois, Jasmeen, Julio, Rafael and Stephan Meesters
will attend OHBM. With me included, we are 6 people in total. If we
can coordinate we can share the load and promote DIPY and Neuroimaging in
Python very well. If other people join too that is even better.
Please contact me asap if you are planning to attend OHBM and your name was
not stated above.

a) Exhibition stand

We need to buy new t-shirts. Me, Francois and Jasmeen will work on that.
The cost will be around $20-25 (USD). Get back to me if you need one (even
if you do not attend the conference). Perhaps we can send it to you.
We need a banner. Julio and me can work on designing a nice banner.
We need leaflets. Number to be discussed later.
We need a monitor. Maybe we can bring a monitor from a nearby affiliated
center. Otherwise usually renting a screen can be very expensive. I will
investigate if the friends from EPFL can help with that.

b) Hackathon

Okay we should definitely participate in the hackathon. Think of projects
that can take place in a couple of days. I know Julio has already a nice
idea for a sprint. We should try to register that for a sprint during the
Hackathon. Any ideas are much welcome too! Let's brainstorm!

c) Workshop

We have a DIPY workshop during OHBM. This is on the morning of Tuesday. The
workshop is for two hours. I will take the first 45' to give an overview of
DIPY and speak about some of the state-of-the-art and then I would like
that, for the rest of the time, the other contributors can show hands-on
examples related (or not) to their work.

d) Release

To support the hackathon and workshop we need to move on with merging some
very important PRs. I will sent an e-mail later with what I think is
important to merge first.  Absolutely critical is the new streamlines API.
I have already talked with Matthew Brett who is now helping to merge the
new improved streamlines API in Nibabel. After we have this merged, we
release Nibabel, update DIPY with the new Nibabel and release DIPY before
OHBM!!! We will need the help from all developers with reviewing PRs to
make sure we can meet the deadline at a high quality and impress our
potential new users visiting OHBM. Please e-mail me or Ariel (or even
better express interest in gitter) if you want to help with reviewing.

I hope you are all excited about this! Crack on!

Best regards,

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