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Hi Paolo,

Funny and may be a bit sad that this conflict with the brain connectivity
conference and brainhack in Vienna !


On 25 August 2016 at 10:14, Paolo Avesani <avesani at fbk.eu> wrote:

> Connectomics is one of the hottest inter-disciplinary topics today. It
> links computer science and Engineering with life sciences and medicine.
> Connection networks grow over functional (fMRI, ASL, EEG) and structural
> (diffusion weighted MRI) data and the integration of the two in both static
> and dynamic conditions would shad light on the way our brain actually
> works. Connectomics also holds paramount potential for clinical
> applications through the characterization of the network modulation in
> pathologies and the assessment of the effectiveness of the treatment.
> The School on Brain Connectomics gathers the knowledge in the different
> fields that are touched by this topics providing the students a
> comprehensive view of this research area as well as awareness about the
> cutting-edge methodological, experimental and clinical aspects that are
> involved, besides giving them the opportunity of getting in touch with
> top-level scientists.
> The School articulates in four days respectively focusing on diffusion MRI
> and microstructure (Session 1), functional neuroimaging (Session 2),
> connectivity models (Session 3) and practical aspects (Session 4),
> complemented by “Diving Into Science” (DIS) sessions.
> The School will be held at the Dept. of Computer Science of the University
> of Verona.
> The opening lecture will be held by Prof. *Rachid Deriche*, winner of the
> ERC Advanced grant with the project CoBCoM “Computational Brain
> Connectivity Mapping”.
> Full program is available on the website at www.brainconnectomics.org.
> *Jean Philippe Thiran*, Signal Processing Lab. (LTS5), Swiss Federal
> Institute of Technology (EPFL), Lausanne, Switzerland
> *Maxime Descoteaux*, Sherbrook Connectivity Imaging Lab. (SCIL), Dept. Of
> Computer Science, Sherbrook University, Canada
> *Flavio Dell’Acqua*, Centre for Neuroimaging Sciences, King’s College
> London, UK
> *Alessandro Daducci*, Radiology Dept., Vaud University Hospital (CHUV)
> and LTS5-EPFL, Switzerland
> *Markus Nilsson*, Department of Radiology at Lund University, Sweden
> *Dimitri Vandeville*, EPFL and University of Geneva, Switzerland
> *Luis Lemieux*, Department of Clinical and Experimental Epilepsy, UCL, UK
> *Olivier Coulon*, MeCA research group – Laboratory for Signals and
> Systems (LSIS), CNRS, Marseille, France
> *Angelo Bifone*, Center for Neuroscience and Cognitive Systems, IIT, Italy
> *Fabio Babiloni*, Univ. La Sapienza and BrainSigns, Rome, Italy
> *Dr. Cristina Granziera*, Harvard Medical School, US, and CHUV, Lausanne,
> Switzerland
> The school will be open to about 50 qualified, motivated and pre-selected
> candidates.
> Ph. D. students, Post-Docs, young researchers (both academic and
> industrial), senior researchers (both academic and industrial) or
> academic/industrial professionals are encouraged to apply by sending an
> email to info at brainconnectomics.org. Priority will be given to PhD
> students.
> The School fee will be 150,00 €.
> Applications should be received *before Sept. 2, 2016*. Applicants will
> receive notification of acceptance by Sept. 9, 2016.
> Students may submit a poster to present their research activity. The
> electronic version of the posters will also be available from the School
> web site.
> A best presentation prize of 100€ will be assigned by the school committee.
> Groups of students will be formed leaded by a tutor for each topic. The
> tutor will select 2 papers per each speaker of the Session to be read by
> the students in the topic group. The DIS session will consist in an open
> discussion chaired by the tutor with the speakers of the topic.
> Application: *Sept. 2 2016*
> Notification Acceptance: *Sept. 9 2016*
> Poster Submission: *Sept. 2 2016*
> Local Arrangements: available under request on a first-come first-served
> basis
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