[Neuroimaging] parallel computation of bundle_distances_mam/mdf ?

Emanuele Olivetti olivetti at fbk.eu
Mon Dec 12 11:07:47 EST 2016


I usually compute the distance matrix between two lists of streamlines
using bundle_distances_mam() or bundle_distances_mdf(). When the lists are
large, it is convenient and easy to exploit the multiple cores of the CPU
because such computation is intrinsically (embarassingly) parallel. At the
moment I'm doing it through the multiprocessing or the joblib modules,
because I cannot find a way directly from DiPy, at least according to what
I see in dipy/tracking/distances.pyx . But consider that I am not
proficient in cython.parallel.

Is there a preferable way to perform such parallel computation? I plan to
prepare a pull request in future and I'd like to be on the right track.


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