[Neuroimaging] [DIPY] Fwd: Your Public folder will soon become a private folder

Eleftherios Garyfallidis elef at indiana.edu
Thu Dec 15 12:57:40 EST 2016

We have space in Nitrc. Wouldn't that be preferable than figshare?

On Thu, Dec 15, 2016 at 12:56 PM Ariel Rokem <arokem at gmail.com> wrote:

> This might affect some of our data fetchers:
> https://github.com/nipy/dipy/blob/master/dipy/data/fetcher.py#L255
> https://github.com/nipy/dipy/blob/master/dipy/data/fetcher.py#L279
> https://github.com/nipy/dipy/blob/master/dipy/data/fetcher.py#L322
> https://github.com/nipy/dipy/blob/master/dipy/data/fetcher.py#L338
> https://github.com/nipy/dipy/blob/master/dipy/data/fetcher.py#L379
> https://github.com/nipy/dipy/blob/master/dipy/data/fetcher.py#L390
> Eleftherios - are these on your Dropbox account? Time to move to Figshare?
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> Hi Ariel,
> We’re always looking to improve the Dropbox sharing experience. The Public
> folder was the first sharing method we introduced, and since then, we’ve
> built even better ways for you to share securely and work together with
> your team.
> As a result, we’ll soon be ending support for the Public folder. Dropbox
> Basic users will be able to use the Public folder until March 15, 2017.
> After that date the files in your Public folder will become private, and
> links to these files will be deactivated. Your files will remain safe in
> Dropbox.
> If you’d like to keep sharing files in your Public folder, you can create
> new shared links.
> <https://www.dropbox.com/l/AABFdH4pvv5kpg6e--rycpeuFJNlAUiPIlg/help/167>
> Just make sure to send the new URLs to your collaborators.
> In addition to shared links, we have a number of sharing options designed
> to make collaboration easier and give you more control. To learn more, visit
> our Help Center.
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