[Neuroimaging] Help: A problem with affine in Dipy

Judd 18758264356 at 163.com
Fri Dec 30 08:29:40 EST 2016

    My name is Judd, And I'm from China(Maybe English isn't well, sorry!). Recently, I was try an example in Dipy Gallery(Connectivity Matrices, ROI Intersections and Density Maps http://nipy.org/dipy/examples_built/streamline_tools.html#example-streamline-tools). And my test file is my own fiber and FA file which save by nibabel like this:
nib.trackvis.write(csd_sl_fname, csd_streamlines_trk, hdr, points_space='voxel')
nib.save(FA_img, FA_file)

but when I use these file, it doesn't work, and I realized FA file and fiber file isn't in the same position. So I think it may be some trouble in affine, but I don't know How to change position by affine(I use dipy code change by affine, but still wrong). Did you have a formula or paper about affine?


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