[Neuroimaging] NIBIB at NIH funds Nipype development

Flandin, Guillaume g.flandin at ucl.ac.uk
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Fantastic news, Satra. Congratulations!


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Subject: [Neuroimaging] NIBIB at NIH funds Nipype development

hi all,

we wanted to announce some fantastic news regarding nipype. we have received funding from nibib to support nipype development for the next four years starting today. thanks to this grant, we will be able to harden, extend, and disseminate nipype and other nipy community projects. more importantly, chris and i and a few others will be able to spend a chunk of time on nipype.

the key goals of the project are to improve usability and interactivity, introspection of computation, and interoperability with other projects, databases, and web-services (neurovault, neurosynth, and others). the focus will be on reproducible dataflows in biomedicine. the resources will also support additional personnel, an annual workshop, and cloud resources for some web services. as soon as we take care of a few administrative pieces, we will focus on nipype engineering.

i do want to thank the extended nipy community for its extensive support towards nipype development, maintenance, and adoption over the last 5 years. we couldn't have gotten to this point without you. we are thrilled with the opportunity, very excited about the possibilities, and look forward to continued engagement with the community.

quoting eleftherios: go go team!


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