[Neuroimaging] nlsam installation

Samuel St-Jean stjeansam at gmail.com
Sat Jun 11 07:54:15 EDT 2016

Well, for this one I would need the error message, but since this is a 
public mailing list you can write me directly instead if you need more 
help (yes, I am the same guy that wrote the software, small world after 

As for the installation, normally if you run

pip install https://github.com/samuelstjean/nlsam/archive/master.zip --user --process-dependency-links

it shoudl fetch master and compile it, including spams. It actually 
fetches spams from my github repo, but the original installer is here 

Doing pip install above_source_zip_file will build it for you, or you 
can fetch the prebuilt 2.4 for windows from the same website (so that 
way you don't need to install visual studio to build the whole thing.)
I never tried the install on a mac personally, but people running macs 
have never reported that it does not work, so it should be fine.

Spams is only for python2 as an official release, so that could be your 
problem also. I actually have an un-official version for python3, just 
requires a few patches made by the fine people over at archlinux 
(https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/python-spams-svn/). Here is the 
actual patched version, quickly put together until I (maybe) put a 
cleaner release on said repo until they officially rebuild it themselves 

Or there is also the prebuilt nlsam version under the releases over at 
github for windows and linux if you want to give it a test run also.

Le 2016-06-11 à 12:15, Vivek Joshi a écrit :
> While installing nlsam using release we have been getting an error.
> we installed all modules except spams. while installing spams we get 
> the above error.
> Can you please help me in denoising the dipy datasets using nlsam?
> thank you
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