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Ariel Rokem arokem at gmail.com
Sat Jun 25 13:48:30 EDT 2016

Hey Satra,

Just checking in about this: what is the plan for this? As you might know,
there are already a few conda-forge recipes for nipy packages:


(and more that I don't know of?)

Is there any advantage to creating a fork for the nipy org?

(BTW: I can't speak for the nilearn recipe, because I didn't create it, but
if anyone is interested in joining as a maintainer of any of the others,
feel free to add yourself in a PR to the relevant section of the recipe
yaml file).

(BTBTW: If anyone is interested in help/guidance is setting up one of
these, let me know and I can share from my own experience; the conda-forg
org is super-helpful though, so they will also help shepherd you through
the process. A really great community!)



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