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On 4 November 2016 at 10:50, Marmaduke Woodman <mmwoodman at gmail.com> wrote:

> hi
> I'm writing to poll for interest in a community oriented, NiPy-brand
> modeling library [1], for generic dynamical systems models such as those in
> DCM but also more realistic models e.g.  neural mass models, DWI connectome
> based networks thereof, forward models for fMRI/EEG/MEG. Methods therein
> would include both forward simulation schemes (Euler-Maruyama etc) and
> model inversion using e.g. HMC or variational schemes in PyMC3.
> Most these elements are already implemented, across various NiPy libs and
> TVB, but the
>  hope would be to make their cross-section, ie. nonlinear dynamical
> network modeling, a more accessible tool in the neuroimaging toolbox, by
> forming a library bringing all those elements together.
> Any questions, suggestions, criticisms are welcome.
> Marmaduke Woodman
> [1] I'm aware that many libs implement e.g. MVAR methods which is also
> model-based, but here I mean nonlinear, continuous time models, such as
> Jansen-Rit model of visual evoked potentials.
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