[Neuroimaging] GSOC 2017

Abdul Ghaffar Zain abdulghzain at gmail.com
Wed Oct 12 15:19:06 EDT 2016

I was looking at some projects I could get familiar with for Google Summer
of Code 2017, and I came across DIPY. I found the ideas that DIPY is
working on quite interesting, and I like the idea of making heath care both
better and more affordable. Contributing to such a project would make me
feel really good!
I was wondering if Dipy will be participating for GSOC 2017, as working on
DIPY for GSOC 2017 would be awesome for me! I know that Google hasn't
announced the projects for 2017, but does Dipy plan on applying through the
Can't wait to get started on this project,
-Abdul Z
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