[Neuroimaging] writing gifti files

Emma Robinson emma.robinson01 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 12 09:54:10 EDT 2017


I have a problem reading giftis that I write from nibabel. It works if I
replace the data with data taken straight out of another gifti data array,
but if I add a matrix of floats I am unable to read it into the HCP's
workbench viewer, not use the FSL gifti reader. I get the following error

from wb_view

Parse Error while reading /vol/medic01/users/ecr05/TESTINGRESULT2.func.gii:
Decoding of GZip Base64 Binary data failed.Decoded 0 bytes but should be 0
bytes. line number: 15 column number: 68831

from FSL

terminate called after throwing an instance of 'GiftiException'
 what():  Requested non-float data from float GIFTI field

I've attached some test code and the gifti file I tested it with. Any
suggestions of how to fix this would be appreciated, thanks

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