[Neuroimaging] Fwd: Position in computational neuroimaging/neuroinformatics at New York State Psychiatric Institute/Columbia University, Dept of Psychiatry (New York, NY)

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*Description *The Molecular Imaging and Neuropathology Division at New York
State Psychiatric Institute is seeking a data scientist under the
supervision and mentorship of Dr. Spiro Pantazatos. The data scientist will
have the opportunity to work among diverse investigators and data analysts
across multiple disciplines within the Division as well as at Columbia
Medical Center and Columbia University (e.g., in neuroscience, psychology,
psychiatry, statistical genetics, bioinformatics), gain training from and
train others (faculty, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students) in
conventional and new analysis techniques, attend training and educational
workshops at the University and elsewhere in the New York City, and
co-author publications.

*Duties and Responsibilities *The position will contribute toward the
development and implementation of computational approaches in the field of
neuroscience, including Open Neuroscience Initiatives and mega-analyses of
imaging and genomics datasets (i.e. resting-state and structural imaging
data, Allen Brain Atlas etc.) with a goal of characterizing genomic and
behavioral factors related to brain structure and functional network

*Minimum  Qualifications*
Masters degree in computer science, neuroscience, psychology, data science,
biomedical informatics, statistics/biostatistics or related fields and/or a
record of substantive experience in neuroimaging methodology (e.g. fMRI
task design and image analysis) or computational genomics (e.g.
transcriptomics, statistical genetics), or both.

Good communication (verbal and written), analytical, and organizational
skills are required.

Applicants should be proficient (or have prior exposure to and the ability
to become proficient) in several or more of the following: Python, NiPy,
bash scripting, Docker, Unix, Matlab, R, Javascript, Flask, MySQL, XNAT,
pipeline development, big data processing,  cloud and cluster computing).

Applicants should send a CV, a brief statement describing applicant's
qualifications for the position and relevant experience, and have at least
3 or more references.

*Preferred Qualifications*
Prior experience or an interest in web and/or GUI development for
neuroscience applications is a plus.

For more information and to apply, see:
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