[Neuroimaging] Announcing Quickshear v1.0

Christopher Markiewicz effigies at bu.edu
Tue Feb 28 10:21:24 EST 2017

Woops. Apparently didn't include a link.

Here's the Quickshear v1.0 release:

Chris Markiewicz

On Mon, Feb 27, 2017 at 5:38 PM, Christopher Markiewicz <effigies at bu.edu>

> Hi all,
> Quickshear[0] is a defacing utility that calculates the convex-hull of a
> skull-stripped brain to split the volume into brain and face regions, and
> then zeros out the face region of an anatomical image. It comes out of a
> computer security lab that had a brief flurry of activity in neuroimaging
> privacy a few years back.
> I contacted the authors a couple weeks ago to try it out, and they kindly
> agreed to let me publish it. As it is a standalone program, rather than
> immediately try to include it in existing projects, I've made some very
> minor modifications and released their code as v1.0 to stand as a reference
> implementation.
> Beyond this reference implementation, though, I'm not committed to the
> idea that it must be a separate project; while I'm happy to maintain it in
> this form, if a larger existing project would like to include it, that
> would only lower the barrier to use.
> Best,
> Chris Markiewicz
> [0] https://www.researchgate.net/publication/262319696_
> Quickshear_defacing_for_neuroimages
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