[Neuroimaging] Two (beginner) questions for DiPy

Jörg Stadler stadler at lin-magdeburg.de
Mon Jan 30 06:03:31 EST 2017

Dear Benedikt,
please have a look at

This will solve Question 1 & 2 for you (and a lot more)

> Dear all,
> first of all thank you very much for making DiPy publicly available.
> I am new to Python and diffusion imaging (I have worked before with R
> and genetics), and have two (hopefully easy) questions:
> 1) As input, I have a 4D nifti image with my B0 and B1000 images
> stacked. How can I run an affine registration (for motion / eddy
> correction) on this stack, using the first B0 image as fixed image and
> the remaining images (one after another) as moving images? Or do I have
> to split the stack first?
> 2) How do I rotate the B-matrix after registration?
> Thanks a lot!
> Benedikt

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