[Neuroimaging] ANN: Nibabel release 2.2.1

Christopher Markiewicz effigies at bu.edu
Wed Nov 22 22:18:02 EST 2017

Hi all,

Just a quick announcement that nibabel has had a bugfix release, tagged

This release is largely motivated by 2.2.0 being unable to be included in
standalone apps. This release should be safe to use with pyinstaller,
py2app, or similar tools. Also, the built-in viewer was mislabeling left
and right sides, so that's been fixed as well.

As always, thanks to contributors, reviewers and users.

Zenodo hasn't updated yet, but I'll update the release (
https://github.com/nipy/nibabel/releases/tag/2.2.1) with a DOI when it's

The full Changelog follows:

Bug fixes

* Set L/R labels in orthoview correctly (pr/564) (CM)
* Defer use of ufunc / memmap test - allows "freezing" (pr/572) (MB,
  by Satra Ghosh)
* Fix doctest failures with pre-release numpy (pr/582) (MB, reviewed by CM)


* Update documentation around NIfTI qform/sform codes (pr/576) (Paul
  reviewed by MB, CM) + (pr/580) (Bennet Fauber, reviewed by Paul McCarthy)
* Skip precision test on macOS, newer numpy (pr/583) (MB, reviewed by CM)
* Simplify AppVeyor script, removing conda (pr/584) (MB, reviewed by CM)

Chris Markiewicz
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