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Wed Oct 18 11:03:12 EDT 2017

Dear all

the University of Minnesota Informatics Institute (UMII)
<https://research.umn.edu/units/umii> seeks a skilled, staff scientist to
serve the MR Neuroimaging research community at the University of
Minnesota. The successful candidate is expected to:

   1. carry out consultations with researchers across the University and
   serve in the role of a staff scientist who provides technical assistance
   across multiple research groups
   2. provide technical and analytic support in designing and supporting
   neuroimaging analysis pipelines that will be run on platforms of the
   Minnesota Supercomputing Institute (MSI)
   3. appropriately document work so that researchers are able to prepare
   grants, research papers and reports based on the analysis
   4. simultaneously support different versions of analysis tools that
   might require different libraries and operating system versions
   5. develop new computational environments, such as Docker, for major
   neuroimaging analysis platforms (AFNI, FSL, etc.) in the HPC environment at
   MSI; and
   6. build computational workflows that scale and work across a broad
   range of file system storage.

The successful candidate will join a growing group of imaging analysts in
the University of Minnesota Informatics Institute. The Imaging Informatics
Manager at the University of Minnesota Informatics Institute will serve as
the supervisor. On a daily basis, the analyst will work closely with MR
neuroimaging researchers, and staff at the Minnesota Supercomputing

This position is both posted as a Researcher 5
<https://z.umn.edu/umii-neuroimaging-job-5>, Research Scientist (minimum
required qualification: PhD) under Job Opening 319904
<https://z.umn.edu/umii-neuroimaging-job-5> (
https://z.umn.edu/umii-neuroimaging-job-5) and as a Researcher 3
<https://z.umn.edu/umii-neuroimaging-job-3>, Assistant Scientist, (minimum
required qualification: Bachelor's degree) under Job Opening 319899
<https://z.umn.edu/umii-neuroimaging-job-3> (

-- Qualifications


• Background in scientific image processing, analysis or multi-dimensional
signal processing

• Have proficiency in at least one programming language (Python, MATLAB,
Java, C++, …)

• Be familiar with the Linux operating system

• Have excellent interpersonal and organizational skills

• Be able to articulate processes verbally and in writing

• Be highly motivated to learn new technical skills

Additional requirements for the Researcher 5 position (Job Opening 319904):

• Doctoral degree in a science or engineering field

• Experience in MR neuroimaging image analysis (fMRI, DWI, or structural)

• Significant research experience and ability to work independently

• Experience working in a team environment with people with diverse

• Publications, software, or grant applications demonstrating creativity
and independence


• (for Researcher 3 position) Master’s degree in a science or engineering

• (for Researcher 3 position) Experience in MR neuroimaging image analysis
(fMRI, DWI, structural)

• (for both positions) Experience in medical image analysis

• (for both positions) Experience with container technology, such as Docker

• (for both positions) Experience in HPC environments

• (for both positions) Experience with neuroimaging analysis software
packages such as FSL, AFNI, SPM

• (for both positions) Experience working in a team environment with people
with diverse expertise


Dr. Thomas Pengo
Imaging Informatics Manager
University of Minnesota Informatics Institute
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Campus
Cancer and Cardiovascular Research Building
2231 6th St SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455
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